[Global Finance Awards] Shinhan chief makes big ESG pushPhoto of Fu Bao's baby twin sisters’ birth selected for Time's Top 100 Photos of 2023[Hello Indonesia] Cultural tapestry woven at 'Korea[Global Finance Awards] Going global essential in era of digital finance[Hello Indonesia] Cultural tapestry woven at 'Koreahttp://n.sinaimg.cn/translate/w900h604/20180310/lOie-fxpwyhw8186752.jpg?zdyIlyon Woo's nonfiction lands on NYT's 10 best books of 2023Ilyon Woo's nonfiction lands on NYT's 10 best books of 2023Ateez closes 1st chapter of career with 'The World Ep. Fin: Will’[Hello Indonesia] Digital innovation for financial inclusivity [Bills in Focus] Windfall tax on banks and urban infra refurbishment YG’s new girl group Babymonster debuts with single 'Batter Up' Gangnam teen investigated for assaulting deliveryman with golf club N. Korea reinstates DMZ guard posts Korean banks at risk of W3tr in losses in HK S. Korea pushes for using commercial satellites in military communication Hyundai Motor chief named automotive industry leader of 2023 ‘Smugglers’ wins best picture at 44th Blue Dragon Film Awards [Today’s K '12.12: The Day’ attracts 1.8m moviegoers in five days since opening [Hello Hangeul] Welding book first in vocational Korean series for foreign labor 러 매체 “北 위성에 러시아 도움, 근거 없다…포탄 지원설도 마찬가지” Speculation grows over Yoon's looming Cabinet shakeup Posco to start search for new chief [Korea Beyond Korea] Korean studies in Turkey grows on foundation of strong relations 홍준표, 하태경 종로 출마 선언에…"주사파 출신이 갈 곳 아니다" Jeju Island offers many choices for holidaymakers with pets Samsung sets up control tower for new growth drivers Korea to start hiring E 尹, 과학기술자문회의와 오찬 “예타 간소화·예산집행 유연화 필요”