[News Analysis] Could Kakao’s M&A strategy be its own undoing?[News Analysis] Could Kakao’s M&A strategy be its own undoing?Gov't to complete vaccination of cattle by Nov. 10 to prevent spread of lumpy skin disease[Herald Interview] Chung JiPolice slap travel ban on suspected con artist, ex[Herald Interview] Pleasantly surprisedCJ’s KoreanSome 8,000 homes to relocate as Seoul's Hannam neighborhood undergoes redevelopment[Exclusive] South Korean lawmakers to join international alliance taking on China[사진] “군 초급간부 여건 개선 노력해달라” [KH Explains] Amazon's cloud industry plans raise fears of Korean market monopoly Unwind with Korea food, lifestyle docs on Netflix Japan thanks S. Korea for Israel rescue effort Key ruling party officials offer to resign over by Gyeongbokgung entrance platform, new signboard unveiled HMM sale to face hurdles amid slowdown in shipping industry BTS' V joined by Jimin in solo fan meeting 'Vicnic' New book sheds light on ongoing debate and legacy of comfort women issues SK Ecoplant recycles over 6,000 tons of batteries "당 망치는 응석받이"…안철수, 이준석 제명 서명운동 시작 SK to hold CEO meeting in Paris BOK expected to stand pat this week over growth risks: experts Korea extends fuel tax cut scheme until year's end [이번 주 리뷰] 중동 전쟁 우려…국민의힘 보선 참패(9~14일) HD Korea Shipbuilding to build world's first ammonia [New in Korean] Witches, ecofeminism, climate crisis: Tale of resilience and nature’s power Seoul shares open lower ahead of earnings season TXT shatters records, tops charts with 3rd LP 공군 수송기 급파, 한·일 220명 텔아비브 탈출 이용, 지도부 때린 서병수·홍문표에 "선당후사·솔선수범 하라"