Most top earners live in or near Seoul: dataMajor retailer recalls over 50,000 pairs of shower shoes due to chemical hazard[Herald Interview] Pleasantly surprised[Busan Is Ready] S. Korea to expand ODA initiatives to promote Busan ExpoKorean doctors see income surge amid intensifying physician shortage[Korea Beyond Korea] Historian looks back at life dedicated to Korean studiesCJ’s Korean[Korea Beyond Korea] Historian looks back at life dedicated to Korean studies"식량만 달라" NLL 표류하던 北선박, 어젯밤 北이 끌고 갔다尹 “연금안 맹탕? 근거·합의 없이 숫자로만 결론 낼 수 없다” Leeum Museum to restore Korean artifacts from overseas institutions BM of Kard to return solo with single ‘Lowkey’ this month [Today’s K 이종석 헌재소장 임명안 국회 통과…수장 공백 21일 만에 해소 Merger of Korean OTT platforms Tving and Wavve imminent: sources [Herald Interview] Samyang CEO envisions elevating K National Orchestra of Korea's 'Winter Concert' to bring harmony of tradition, musicals Govt. posthumously confers state medal on late Ven. Jaseung Minho of SHINee to hold first solo fan concert in January [Global Finance Awards] Kyobo's new child insurance plan offers lifetime coverage Consumption slows down amid high rates, inflation Seoul shares open higher on Fed's rate pause hopes Celltrion's Zymfentra to make US debut in February [KH Explains] KG Mobility looks to turn to annual profit for 1st time in 7 years [Global Finance Awards] Shinhan chief makes big ESG push Ateez closes 1st chapter of career with 'The World Ep. Fin: Will’ [Hello Indonesia] Cultural tapestry woven at 'Korea 군사합의 효력 정지 책임 넘긴 北 "한반도 전쟁은 시점 문제" '12.12: The Day' surpasses 4m ticket sales on 12th day of release Insurance firms' net income jumps over 47% on